Reddconomy is a way to use cryptocurrencies for player to player tipping and trading in minecraft.
Reddconomy is still under development, we advise not to use it with anything but testnets.
Reddconomy is in no way affiliated, associated, endorsed by, or officially connected with Mojang, Microsoft or any of their subsidiaries or their affiliates.
Reddconomy is an independent project not affiliated with Reddcoin.

Multicoin support

Despite being originally developed for reddcoin, Reddconomy is blockchain agnostic, as long as the coin provides bitcoind compatible RPC apis, it will simply work without any modification.
For other coins, a new BlockchainConnector can be implemented.

Everything is Off-chain

Reddconomy works by creating offchain wallets, coins are only virtually moved while still sitting on a single shared wallet, this ensures immediate in-game transactions and does not require any configuration on the player side.
The player can easily deposit or withdraw coins from an offchain wallet.


With reddconomy you can easily send and receive tips.

Contract signs

In Reddconomy, offchain contracts are the basis of every in-game transaction, we make them very easy with the use of Contract Signs.
Contract Signs can activate redstone. Contract Signs can also be used to pay. There is another form of Contract Signs: the Temporized Contract Signs.
When enabled, Temporized Contract Signs turns into a redstone torch or block for the specified amount of time

Server monetization with deposit, withdraw and transaction fees

Reddconomy lets you set fixed or proportional fees for every action between offchain wallets.

Do you want to try Reddconomy? Check out the public servers list.


Reddconomy Backend

Latest Dev Snapshot

Minecraft Sponge plugin

Latest Dev Snapshot

Docker containters

Minecraft Sponge (vanilla) + Reddconomy
docker pull riccardoblb/reddconomy-sponge

Public Servers



IP VERSION TYPE COIN STATUS Reddconomy/master TEST REDDCOIN/testnet [?] frk:Reddconomy/rblb DEBUG DOGECOIN/testnet [?]
Add your server here
Do you have a server that runs Reddconomy? Let us know by opening an issue here, we'll add it to this list. (we also accept pull requests)


There are several ways to contribute to Reddconomy

Contribute as a Developer

Reddconomy is an opensource project and, as such, everyone can contribute to its code.
If you are a developer, you can check out our github repo and see if there's any issue you want to fix or feature you wish to implement.

Contribute as a Server Owner

You can configure your server to run Reddconomy on testnet (Testnet is a version of the blockchain used for testing purposes, its coins are worth nothing in the real world), you'll have your in-game currency while helping us with a real life test scenario. (see here how)
If you do that, don't forget to let us know, and we'll add your server to the #PublicServers list.

Contribute as a Player

You can play in one of the testnet servers, experiment with Reddconomy and try to break it, don't forget to report bugs on our issue tracker.

Contribute with a Donation

Reddconomy is designed to be free and will always be.
We don't need money to work on Reddconomy, we do it because we believe in cryptocurrencies (all of them), and we wish for mass adoption soon, but if you like our work and you think we deserve some, we do accept donations with the following cryptocurrencies


Can I use Reddconomy with real coins?

Not yet.

What is a testnet?

Testnets are versions of the blockchains used for testing purposes, testnet coins are worthless and very easy to obtain.

Who handles my coins? You? Am i supposed to trust you?

No, we don't handle players' coins. Every server that choose to run Reddconomy will have to setup its own independent and private wallet, your coins will go there.
In short, you'll have to trust the admin and staff of the server where you play, that are the solely responsible for keeping your coins safe, not us.

Are you in any way affiliated, endorsed by, associated or officially connected to Mojang, Microsoft, Minecraft, or any of their subsidiaries or their affiliates?


I've found this site [INSERT SITE] which talks about Reddconomy. Is it yours? Is it official?

No and No. Our only official site is .
We are on github at
And twitter at
Everything else is not ours.

Does Reddconomy involve mining?


Is Reddconomy against the eula?

The eula forbid the server owner from selling items and powerups. In our original conception, Reddconomy is designed to allow player to player trading, not server to players shops, and, in our understanding, the eula does not explicitly forbid that.
However, there might be other country laws and regulations that you and/or your users must comply, for example the anti money laundering laws.
It's your solely responsibility to ensure that you are complying to all the laws you are required to.

So, if I can't sell items, how do I monetize my server?

Reddconomy allows server owners to set fixed or proportional fees for deposits, withdrawals and transactions.
Basically you'll earn from taxation.
If you use a coin that rewards for stacking (like reddcoin) you'll also earn staking rewards calculated on the overall sum of every player's deposit.

Is this a fork of [INSERT OTHER PROJECT]


Can I help?

Yes, see #Contribute

Can I try Reddconomy?

Yes, just connect to to a test server from this list

Do you support only Reddcoin?

No, reddcoin is our main target but we believe that different cryptocurrencies can coexist, just like fiat, for this reason we will support other coins as well.
We are already supporting every coin that has a bitcoind compatible RPC api.

How do I run a test server for Reddconomy?

The easiest way: docker.
Check out the

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